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Q:  Why don’t you respond to or approve comments from Atheists or others who want to dispute or question the validity of the scriptures?

A.  Christian Apologetics is not within the scope of this blog and ministry.  There are many sites out there who already do that type of work.  This blog and ministry is devoted strictly to the reformation and edification of the body of Christ and to help bring greater unity in the faith once delivered to the saints.  When the body of Christ is much more unified in the Spirit and according to sound doctrine, then the Athiests and other naysayers will have a whole lot less valid reasons to attack our Messiah, the Bible and Christians in general.


Q.  Your views about Christ’s 2nd coming and all prophecy being fulfilled at AD70 seem far-fetched and heretical.  Why do you not hold to more traditional Christian orthodox views?

A.  Jesus Christ himself opposed the established traditional orthodox views of his day.  I do not oppose orthodoxy simply because it is traditional.  I oppose whatever is FALSE and does not align with the scriptures.  The cry of the Protestant Reformation was SOLA SCRIPTURA!  If the futurist views of eschatology were shown to be true according to the scriptures, then I would adhere to these views.  In fact, I was a futurist for over 40 years and never once had any peace about the widely various and confusing mystical explanations of end time prophecy.  When I became aware that the Covenant view of Eschatology presented the ONLY view which declared the prophetic statements of Christ to have happened exactly as he predicted them, I knew I must investigate further.  My studies led me to believe, without any further doubt, that the Preterist or Covenant Eschatology view of scripture is the correct view of Bible prophecy.


Q.  So then, hypthetically, if the views of Covenant Eschatology are correct, how would you account for 2000+ years of the church getting it all WRONG?  How in the world could the church have missed this?  This seems extremely unlikely and an arrogant position to take.

A.  I have pondered this question for the last three years myself and prayed about it.  It was probably the biggest single obstacle that kept me from accepting Covenant Eschatology sooner than I did.  What I have concluded is that, even before the last apostle John was dead, the early church had already fallen into great apostasy which started well before the fall of Jerusalem during the Great Tribulation 3 1/2 years before the final siege.  Many fell away from the faith, both Jews and Gentiles.  The book of Revelation was one of the very last pieces of scripture written from the apostles to the churches.  I have often wondered why John did not write more about the finalization and consummation of the New Messianic Age AFTER Jerusalem’s fall, but here is my thought as to WHY the Holy Spirit apparently did not want him to expound further on the matter.  If you consider that the Hebrews had the oracles of God for over 1500 years but yet ended up rejecting their own Messiah, then is it any wonder that the Holy Spirit perhaps wanted the Church (mostly Gentiles after Jerusalem fell) to also miss discerning the KINGDOM for the next 2000 years?  Ask yourself WHY might the Spirit want this to happen?  Because of boasting!  Remember what Paul said in Romans 11 about boasting against the natural branches being removed so that the Gentiles could be grafted in?  How can we then boast against them for failiing to perceive the Messiah for 1500 years when we have failed to perceive the Messianic KINGDOM for even longer?  I don’t know if this is THE answer, but it is the best one I have come up with yet.


Q.  How long did you study these things before adopting the Preterist/Covenant Eschatology view?

A.  I became aware of the claims of Covenant Eschatology in early 2011.  What got me to even consider this view was that it claimed to be the ONLY view of eschatology to positively support the abundant time statements of Christ and his apostles regarding the return of the Lord in the 1st century AD.  When I began to investigate, it took me three years before I could convince myself that there was no way I could refute the claims and that I needed to adopt this view and begin speaking about it publicly.  Since that time, the scriptures have literally exploded with clarity like never before.  Once you begin to understand and discover that all the Old Covenant prophets who spoke about Israel’s Last Days tied every eschatological event to the return of Christ in judgment on the city of Jerusalem in AD70, there is no going back to a convoluted futurist perspective.  The entire Bible begins to make perfect sense from there on out.



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